There were two households, somewhat alike in dignity but also indignant of each other. The Capulets just wanted to make Britain great again, and it was ruining the traditional, medieval lay-out of the town now that a pizza-curry shop had set up in the centre. Although Fredo’s hands were usually unclean with pizza dough, he was willing to keep them unclean for a horse head or two. He’d go to the mattresses, that’s for sure. Civil hands shook civil deals that led to floods of civil blood. And yet, from these two families, star-cross’d lovers, fighting epistemic and meteorologically-informed fate doth undo their parents’ feud in their death-mark’d love. Once they sailed on ships with Charon, their parents could no longer justify the enmity between their families. This is the story of this information-superhighway-rest-stop, which, if you with patient eyes attend, what here shall miss, my toil strives to mend.

(#2 Romeo and Juliet)


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