Et tu, Reader?

If you’re here, you’ve found your way through the rugged citadels, grime covered archives, poured over folios, perhaps even snuck a feel of old vellum manuscripts (naughty!). Here at Star-Crossed Bard, we are currently examining Romeo and Juliet through with a touch of modernity from the perspective of Juliet. For this period, this blog will serve as Juliet’s diary, an archive of her text messages, text messages between other characters, and the wise musings of a pot-smoking, Canadian priest who moved to England with his pot called Lawrence. Juliet’s nurse is her mother’s best friend, who once worked as an au père for the family, and Juliet’s twin sister, Susan, still lives, to add complexity and hi jinx to the narrative. Juliet’s parents are an English lord and lady, who just want to make Britain great again. Since Juliet has yet to meet Romeo, we’ll have to figure his character out, later.

Et tu reader?



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